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Accessories Are a Girl’s Best Friend

October 27th, 2014

By Kelly Beasley

Accessories! Our new items are full of meaning and possibility. They have erupted into a rainbow of choices at Destin Jewelers. Not only do we provide unique necklaces, earrings, and rings, but we also carry accessories galore! The brands that we have chosen are special in that each comes with its own personalized story, usually benefiting a charity in need or providing an employment opportunity for women in impoverished countries.

Abigail Riggs Collection

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We carry a line of bags made by Gail Riggs, PhD, who is the CEO and head of design for the Abigail Riggs Collection. Her purses and scarves are more than just pretty accessories; each bag has a history, a purpose, and a story. They each represent a famous woman who has worked to make the world a better place. Each purse also adorns a powerful quote from the woman that it represents, reminding its owner that she is empowered, as well. The Abigail Riggs Collection has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities such as the Susan B. Anthony House Museum.

Some of the Abigail Riggs bags’ inspirations include several First Ladies, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, and Mrs. Ballington Booth—women dedicated to making a difference to better the world. The bags adorn classic lines and range in colors and materials. Riggs also created scarves to go with the bags, offering a pop of color when tied or peeking from any bag, or worn around the neck or hair!

Donni Charm

Donni Charm is another new arrival at Destin Jewelers, contemporary scarf line founded by Alyssa Wasko when she was in college after the passing of her father.

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For Alyssa, making scarves began as a coping mechanism for her loss. She never believed that making these scarves, each adorning a good luck charm, would grow to a full-time, very successful business. She put her passion into her pieces, becoming very involved and quite selective about the materials that were chosen for their scarves. Alyssa says, “All of our fabrics have to be luxurious enough to wear for a night out and soft enough for a cozy night in.” Even the biggest celebrities have become followers. “Beyonce felt that our scarf was good enough to wrap up Blue Ivy in for her world debut first outing. It still feels like a dream!” says Wasko. Other celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Hillary Duff, and Demi Moore are all Donni Charm customers.

All parts of Donni Charm scarves are made in Los Angeles with no outsourcing. A portion of every sale goes towards one of the many charities that are listed on their website.

Christa Louise

Another of our favorite scarf designers is Christa Louise. She teaches women in developing countries the craft of scarf-making to provide them with employment opportunities so they may support themselves. She has started in Mexico, and hopes to broaden her mission to other countries all around the world. Scarves are created using pure silk and ultra fine merino wool incorporating a hand massaging technique, blending the wool into the silk fibers. This kneading is unique per each woman’s hand movements, making each piece one-of-a-kind. The process is called Nuno, or fabric felting. The wool provides warmth while the silk keeps each piece light and airy. The result is a fabulous blend of fashion, color, beauty and design, which benefits the women that have learned to make these creations as well as the woman who buys one to cherish.

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Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to shop for your new fall accessories! We also carry hats, ponchos, tops and jackets. We have an abundant selection, so come in while the choices are yours to make! (And, Christmas is just around the corner!)

All of these items and more can be found at our retail store off of Holiday Road and Highway 98.