The Mazza Company Trunk Show, feat. Designer Steve Mazza

October 6th, 2014

For almost two centuries, the Mazza family has created colorful eye-popping jewelry creations in a multitude of designs.

Those colors made themselves known at our trunk show with Steve Mazza on Thursday, September 25, where his creations demanded attention all by themselves, draped over the glass cases of our showroom. Mazza’s finery made a statement, from natural stones to ancient coins to statement tassels, and we were not left wanting for taste or elegance. Our guests, both ladies and gents, enjoyed foraging through the waterfall of choices while our mascot Gracie Lee patrolled the store and made sure that no hands went without providing her with a little head pat.



Mazza jewels were featured on the cover of VIE magazine's 2013 Food and Fashion Issue

Mazza jewels were featured on the cover of VIE magazine’s 2013 Food and Fashion Issue

All the jewelry that the Mazza family creates is inspired by nature, or is nature derived, whether it be made from coral, shells, or pearl, or by creating a design from a natural architectural element, such as a shell’s shape. The Mazza Company is proud to announce that it is now starting to incorporate a surprise element—wood. They are using zebrawood, ebony, and rosewood, which all offer lightness and different grain patterns, adding interest to their pieces.

Designer Steve Mazza of The Mazza Company

Designer Steve Mazza of The Mazza Company


Their Capri rings offer a stunning array of color within color, as the stones are so deep that they engage with the light around them, creating a vast array of hues and eye-catching refractions of light.

The Oceanus line boasts Caribbean ocean turquoise stones combined with pearls and gold, suggesting the luxurious lifestyle of sailing the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands without a worry in the world.

The Serendipity line is a splendid shower of stones that cover the spectrum of the rainbow. It’s just the right amount of pizazz for adding that little bit of spice to your ensemble.

Gracie Lee got all dressed up for the event!

Gracie Lee got all dressed up for the event!

In addition to the playful and youthful new lines that are offered, Steve can also create new pieces from your old Mazza jewelry. He can take something that you would like to modify and customize that piece to make it new again. It’s a great way to reinvent something that may be dear to your heart but looks outdated or just needs a new kick. Many women have recreated and renewed jewelry with Steve that they now love just as much or more than they ever did before!

You have the choice of so many distinctive styles, colors, and stones from Mazza, what’s not to like? If you missed the trunk show, you still have the opportunity to stop by the Destin Jewelers showroom where we have a variety of Mazza jewelry to choose from year-round!