Biography Collection bracelets by designer Astley Clarke

The New Face(s) of Friendship Bracelets

September 8th, 2014

Do you remember how special friendship bracelets were to you and your best friend? Remember the feeling of connection when you exchanged your friendship bracelets? Well, don’t you still have a bestie?

Fine jeweler Astley Clarke has created a new line of bracelets inspired by the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, during which brothers and sisters or close friends tie Rakhi, “knots of protection” on their wrists to celebrate friendships and the journey of life. Created in a variety of colors and charms with playful names inspired by David Bowie and Lou Reed songs, the pieces in Astley Clarke’s Biography line are the grown-up version of your childhood friendship bracelets (pictured above). They are the perfect gift to give your good friends or your favorite family members!

Astley Clarke-Biography-Collection

These bracelets look great stacked in layers or worn alone. Some are adorned with charms, each representing a special virtue, such as the lotus flower for peace and truth, the wishbone for hope and friendship, the heart for love and self-worth, and the sun for revival and light. There are many other charm styles to choose from, as well.

The Biography line features three collections—the Bowie, the Cosmos, and the Nugget—and each collection is available in a generous range of colors. Bracelets are sold separately or in coordinated stacks of colors. They are all light, feminine, and add a touch of playfulness to your look.


If your style of the moment is a little more cutting edge, the EDGY jewelry bracelet line has the perfect accessories to suit your mood. The designs feature a simple strap that wraps around your wrist, made of soft leather, python leather, or calf hair. You can coordinate your strap with the mix-and-match oval setting that come in a zebra stripe, crystal embedded, hammered, or python design. They range through all colors and are available in shiny and matte finishes, making combinations almost endless and allowing you to choose what complements your outfit and mood. The look is very European and adds a touch of animalistic flair to your style. Not to be missed, your EDGY bracelet will outshine any accessory you wear, day or evening. It’s your time to shine—live on the edge!


EDGY and Astley Clarke Biography bracelets are available now at Destin Jewelers, so come on in and find the perfect match for you (and your BFF)!