Offbeat Wedding Rings

July 14th, 2014

…for the Non-Conformist Bride

By Kelly Beasley

Are you the type of woman who never dreamed of having a big traditional wedding? You don’t yearn for the big white dress, a white cake, and matching bridesmaids? No, you really don’t need a huge expensive diamond ring on your finger that looks much like everyone else’s? You don’t buy into the De Beers company’s idea that “To get engaged, you must receive a diamond ring that costs three months of his salary” rule?

Then this blog is for you, baby!

Much has been changing in the wedding industry, and now is the time for a different kind of bride, along with a different kind of wedding ring! We LOVE the new alternative styles and creative designs we are carrying by designers such as Just Jules and ila&i.

The alternative movement of bridal rings holds an array of styles, designs, colors, and shapes different from the traditional (some might call them boring) bridal rings of today. Creatively inspired mounts hold diamonds of irregular or traditional shapes, with an array of choices for colored, clear, finished, or unfinished stones. Now, more than ever, the choices for an alternative ring are endless! You can find a look that suits your style and personality for your forever ring, as opposed to the traditional platinum or gold setting with a classically cut diamond. It used to be that you had to choose a bridal set with an ‘as near to perfect as you can afford’ white or yellow diamond. If that bores you and if you have never cared much for the traditional look, the time is ripe for you to express yourself by choosing a different, more personalized ring! (Finally!)

Just Jules 14K ring with rose cut diamond center and full cut diamond accents

Just Jules 14K ring with rose cut diamond center and full cut diamond accents

Julie Romanenko of Just Jules has introduced a playful line of alternative diamond rings. At Destin Jewelers, we have introduced just a few from her “Commitments” collection. Julie enjoys irregular shapes and creating an “old world” feel that is still modern. The stones in her collection are usually colored. Julie says of her colored diamonds, “There is a warmth that you don’t find in white diamonds. I also appreciate the subtleness of colored diamonds; it is a quiet sparkle.”

ila&i is also featuring unique diamond bands to mix and match with each other or with an engagement ring. They have included white diamonds as well as colored ones, and even wedding band possibilities with black, white, yellow, and chocolate diamonds to playfully stack, most made from recycled gold. You could also mix in emeralds or sapphires, or even a white diamond surrounded by emeralds. You name it, you can find it!

Stacked ring ideas from ila&i

Stacked ring ideas from ila&i

We welcome you to come view our selection of alternative engagement rings and bands here at Destin Jewelers from Mon–Fri, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m., and on Saturday from 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

(Or just stop by to meet Lola the Ragdoll cat and Gracie Lee the chocolate Lab. They are our store mascots and help make everybody smile!)