Fall In Love With Christopher

January 28th, 2014

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If diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, Christopher Slowinski will be your best friend of all. Christopher was born in Poland and while growing up he apprenticed under a master jewelry craftsman in his native country. Today, he combines his classic jewelry training with modern technology to create exclusive designs that include his Crisscut stones.crisscut-comparion-krikawa-web

Whether you prefer round, emerald, cushion, or asscher, Christopher Slowinski has mastered the designs of all. He takes pride in taking an already established diamond and design and making it even more beautiful.

Striving to be anelite jeweler, inventor and artist founder of ChristopherDesigns, Christopher Slowinski, takes the upmost pride in his creations.

“There isn’t a stone that is cut or a setting that is cast in our New York City factory that I don’t personally inspect. We are proud of our work and stand by every piece that leaves our workshop.”


Here at Destin Jewelers, we are also proud of Christopher’s work, and are honored to carry it in our store.