Trick or Treating for Jewels

October 31st, 2013

Halloween isn’t just for tricks and treats anymore, it’s an excuse to pull out your most fabulous jewels to accessorize and style.

We think Halloween is one of the most fabulous holidays of the year, especially when it’s paired with all of our glamorous jewels. Whether you’re styling your LBD with chunky pearls for an Audrey Hepburn look or adding jewel tone pieces to a Cleopatra ensemble, we have jewelry for all occasions.


Dreaming of being a believable Native American princess like Pocahontas? Pile on our array of our delightful Steve Mazza turquoise jewels and you won’t even need a tomahawk to accessorize.


Another fantastic thing about Halloween is that you can never have too many jewels. Stack them and stack them high! The more you wear, the more believable you are.


Come by dressed and ready for your spooky activities and let us adorn you with costume jewelry fit for a princess. Happy trick or treating!